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It is now several weeks since I announced I would be taking a few weeks off, and I did, …sort of. I’m not very good at doing nothing – unless the weather is warm, the sun is shining, all the chores are done and there’s nothing much going on in my brain.
For those who read my earlier blogs you may recall I had just made an amazing discovery. There are other ebook retailers out there apart from Amazon! Laugh at my naivety if you will, but I had stupidly enrolled my ebooks into Amazon Select which gave Amazon exclusivity. It wasn’t until my readers questioned why my books weren’t available on Nook and Kobo as well as other devices that I started looking into it and I discovered a whole new and exciting world out there. And this was the point at which I decided to take a break. Well, of course, my brain was itching to get going.
I managed a week of catching up on chores, baking cakes, shopping, reading for enjoyment. And it was fun. My main purpose was to recharge my batteries. I had become tired to the point that whatever creative juices I might have had were drying up fast. I had the idea for my fourth novel, but it just wouldn’t develop. Is this what they call writer’s block? I was so busy spinning all the plates of writing, communicating with other authors, reviewing other books, marketing my own books and learning the intricacies of social networking and Twitter that I didn’t know whether I was coming or going.
But by week 2 I was beginning to research other platforms and beginning to understand the complexities of preparing my books for as many retailers as possible in the various formats they demand – all different, of course. I’m fairly competent with a computer, and I self-published without any help (other than my husband opening another bottle of wine when everything went into a black hole! Again!) But the enormity of the task ahead of me was quite daunting. I persevered and I’m almost ready to re-launch my character, Laura Jessop, into new and unexplored territories. Just in the nick of time as my exclusive contract with Amazon runs out in a week’s time. So, it’s full-steam ahead.
And interestingly my brain has benefited from my ‘break’ as I’ve changed direction somewhat for my fourth novel, and the ideas are tumbling into place. I just have to put a brake on them until I complete the re-launch.
And Twitter? Well, that’s a story for another day.

Tanya Carlysle
Creator of Laura Jessop, female sleuth