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So the week which was to change my life as far as social networking goes came and went! Not a total disaster but not an unqualified success either.

I’ve made a little progress, but I still don’t see the point of Twitter!

But I have realised I made a big mistake by putting my books into Amazon Select which ties me into an exclusive publishing deal with Amazon. For anyone who doesn’t know, Amazon Select is their lending library and when books are ‘borrowed’ the author gets a payment, and I have received some payments but not enough I think to compensate for the fact that I could be enjoying other markets. I’m not unhappy with Amazon – overall they are the ones who have made it possible for me to get into the business of self-publishing and they do have a major share of the market. And the reaction I’ve had from my sales so far has led me to believe I can write, and more to the point I can write what people want to read. Without Amazon I would never have reached this point, so I have a lot to thank them for.

But some of my readers have asked me why I’m not available on Nook and Kobo and lots of other devices, and I realise I have been extremely short-sighted. Because I have a Kindle (and I love it) it was natural for me to produce an ebook for Kindle. And to be perfectly honest I didn’t think about other e-readers. I didn’t understand how fast the world is moving in this area of technology and I was naive to say the least.

As soon as my Select ‘contract’ runs out in a few weeks time I shall re-launch my books (although they will, of course, still be available on Amazon as well) and in the meantime I shall continue to research the mysterious world of Twitter and other such delights.

But for the moment, I’m awarding myself a few weeks’ holiday. I shall make sure my books are ready to re-launch in August, but I’m having a rest from writing and recharging my batteries. I shall continue to engage with people on various websites, to read and review other books and to benefit from other people’s wisdom. There is so much sage advice out there – thank you all. We live in a remarkable world.

Tanya Carlysle
Creator of Laura Jessop, female sleuth