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Well, Twitter is still a mystery! I’ve read a few blogs and various articles about how to tweet. It seems as though the consensus is that a tweet is a mini-blog; so, just choose something to say and say it!

The general advice is that getting involved in conversations is better than simply marketing and I do feel more comfortable with that idea. But it’s a bit like being at a party and standing on the edge of a group of people all engaged in earnest debate. Choosing the right moment to jump in and dazzle them with clever repartee is not easy. In fact choosing the right group in the first place is a challenge all of its own.

‘Choose a group that really interests you.’ How do I find the group in the first place? If I enter self=publishing as a search criterion I get a list of businesses all undoubtedly interested in selling me something. If I enter writer or author I get lots of fellow authors promoting their own work. I tried entering readers and got some very strange contacts!

I understand the principle of building contacts gradually and I will try this over the next few days. Once I’ve worked out which contacts I want.

So, another potentially frustrating day! But with some brighter moments!!

I discovered Jetpack and this could be very exciting. I watched a video link from one of my new followers – thanks Jordan! and it all became clearer. I can use the setting button on wordpress to share my blog with social media sites – you can see how much of a clueless idiot I am! Anyway I’ve rectified that now. Let’s see what tomorrow brings!

Tanya Carlysle

Creator of female sleuth, Laura Jessop