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Forgot I was meeting a friend for lunch yesterday so my good intentions of concentrating solely on marketing went out of the window straight away. But I had a fabulous lunch and a glass of wine (or two) and all was well with the world. And it was the weekend after all.

I’ve almost forgotten what weekends are for. When I was gainfully employed I would work Monday to Friday, often late into the evening. Saturday was for catching up on chores and Sunday was for chilling out. My husband and I finally got to speak to each other after a week of being like ships that pass in the night. Now I’m self-employed and trying to make my mark as a writer I feel guilty if I’m not doing something useful, so I often work seven days a week. The problem is I have too many hats to wear! and too many plates to spin!

I know I should be better organised, but I’m not. And I’m sure I’m not the only one. Maybe when I make my first million I’ll have a week (or three) off!!

So was my day entirely wasted as regards making progress on my marketing plans? Well, no it wasn’t. Because by some miracle I managed to write a blog that people wanted to read and not only that, I have new followers. I must have finally made some sort of sense of categorising and tagging, because how else do you get new readers? How do they know I’m busy sitting at my keyboard tapping away? How do they find my blog? These are questions I’ve asked myself many times knowing that there are tens of hundreds of thousands of bloggers out there. Well, it seems as though I might have had a bit of a breakthrough.

So thank you if you’re one of my new followers. I hope you stay with me, at least throughout this week. You helped me to put aside my guilt and to feel I actually achieved something yesterday.

Not only that, I sold a few more books and I had another couple of reviews so, all in all, a good day. Tomorrow I’m going to tackle Twitter! There has to be more to it that I’ve found so far. Everyone says it’s one of the most powerful forms of networking. We shall see!

Tanya Carlysle – creator of female sleuth,Laura Jessop.