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So, here I am. It’s a grey, miserable Friday morning and my mood matches the weather. Even though it’s the longest day in this hemisphere the clouds will surely suggest otherwise.
I’ve written three books, and self-published them as ebooks. I have the idea for the fourth, but haven’t really done much more than think about it. And yes, I feel a real sense of achievement.
I’ve read lots of advice about how to promote my books.
I have a Facebook account- tick. And I feel too embarrassed to keep mentioning my books. There’s only so much you can say, isn’t there?
I have a Twitter account- tick. And I have followers! But I seem to be missing something vital. I don’t know what to tweet. I see other authors trotting out marketing messages all the time, but there has to be more to it than that.
I have a small but enthusiastic group of fans- tick. They help me to stay focused and to keep writing, and I am so grateful to them.
I have a blog- tick. I realise I have to do better at this, as I am an infrequent blogger to say the least. But when I get involved in writing a novel, everything else goes out of my mind.
I have my own website- tick, with links to Amazon so people can buy my books instantly- tick.
I have more than one book available so that people can instantly access more of my great writing (!)- tick.
I have some great reviews- and they’re not all written by family and friends (honestly) – tick.
I’ve joined author forums to engage with other writers and to share experiences and expertise – tick.

And now what do I do? How do I persuade more people to buy my books, to post reviews and to tell all their friends?

It seems I’m not alone in this. The ease of self-publishing ebooks has encouraged many would-be authors to release their scribblings to the world. That’s the easy bit. It’s the marketing that is much harder.

So my plan for the next week is to really concentrate on this; to understand the mysteries of Twitter; to engage more with fellow authors and to learn from them; to overcome the embarrassment I feel when I mention my books. And I’ll keep you posted via this blog.

Tanya Carlysle
Creator of female sleuth, Laura Jessop.