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I’ve read some great stuff published by Indie authors- and some terrible stuff as well!  But I celebrate the fact that independent publishing has developed into a very acceptable way of getting your work into the public domain. No longer is it considered merely ‘vanity’ publishing.  Authors like John Locke and EL James have proved that you can become a huge success by ignoring the more traditional routes for publishing and going it alone.

Most of us have at least one book inside us. And having just embarked on my fourth novel after retiring from a life in education I am feeling an enormous sense of pride and achievement.  My first three novels are self-published and people actually like them!  I thoroughly enjoyed the process of writing.  What I couldn’t face was the prospect of having my work rejected by publisher after publisher for months on end.  And I’m sure that is the same for many of us.  I have the satisfaction of seeing my work in print, as well as available in e-book format.  My titles appear on my bookshelves alongside my favourite authors such as James Patterson and Ian Rankin.  What a thrill it gives me, and yes OK there is still a lot of ‘vanity’ in self-publishing!

The dilemma that remains is how to market your product. And that is indeed a big problem.  The suggested method is to use the various social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter and blogging.  But everyone is doing the same thing and the channels are becoming clogged with authors trying to publicise their own work.  Most of their followers are authors themselves, and although authors do, of course, read other authors’ work, they are probably more concerned with writing their own.

And, if you spend all your time tweeting and blogging, how do you find the time to write your next masterpiece?  Because, make no mistake, fathoming the intricacies of the social media and knowing what to tag and whether to re-tweet or not can be extremely time-consuming.  But I’m starting to make some great friends via tweeting and blogging and it’s very rewarding.

I’m still on a very steep learning curve, but I’m getting better every day.  I’ve finally divided my day into household chores and networking in the morning and writing in the afternoon, evening, night depending how the mood takes me.

But stupidly I also taught myself web site design and have started to develop that business, and then I decided to embark upon a distance learning proofreading course!  Ah well, they say it’s good to keep busy -luckily!

My books are available on Amazon, just look up Tanya Carlysle or check out my website www.tanyacarlysle.com for more information, or tweet me on @tanyacarlysle.

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