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Tanya Carlysle is nobody special.  Like millions of other women she has worked hard, and is now looking forward to a long and happy retirement.

When she was younger, retired people behaved sensibly.  They put on their slippers, read a good book, and slept a lot.  Sometimes a cat kept them company, grateful for a comfortable knee and a saucer of milk.  Those who were energetic had dogs and walked slowly across the park passing the time of day with like-minded souls.

For many retirement was short.  It was as if they needed work to have a reason for living. Once the daily routine of getting up and joining the throng of commuters going to work was removed, life was meaningless.  How depressing is that?

Now retirement opens up a million possibilities. No longer the beginning of the end it is the beginning of the next stage of life – a stage not constrained by work, but defined by enjoyment and fulfilment.

And Tanya means to take every opportunity.  Living in the north of England she is surrounded by wonderful countryside, and easy access to some of the most beautiful beaches. (A pity about the weather, but you can’t have it all!)

Her creative side has been held in check for a long time. Every now and then a fleeting opportunity presented itself in her working life, but all too soon it was gone and the boring predictability of that routine took over.  Now she is free to follow her dreams.